Infrared Video-Oculography Goggles (IVOG) – This technology allows us to measure the patient’s eye movement in response to body position movements and head rotations. This cutting edge technology is rarely found in physical therapy centers in the United States and is a huge factor in distinguishing our care from the competition.

Ceiling Rails or Safety Overhead Support Systems (SOS) – These are unique ceiling-mounted lanyard-and-harness that enable the older or dizzy patient to exercise safely without risk of a fall.

Footmaxx – This is a pressure-sensitive force plate that records a visual and graphic ‘pressure map’ of the sole of the patient’s foot in order to fit a custom-made pair of high tech orthotic inserts. These inserts can be used to alleviate pain or to improve movement and walking.

Body Q – The BodyQ is an integrated testing program that analyzes a clients’ muscle strength, flexibility, range of motion, vision, hearing, balance, and recovery time – all in one 45-minute testing session. BodyQ is very much like an annual physical exam in that it detects problem areas early and can prevent injury – or even surgery – down the road. Additionally, it allows health care professionals to create a custom action plan to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and overall well-being.

Fall Risk Assessment (FRA) – The FRA is a free, complimentary screen that identifies individuals of all ages and conditions who are at risk for fall. By identifying risk, a future injury can be prevented. The results and recommendations can be printed and given to a client and his/her physician allowing for follow up such as a Balance & Vestibular Evaluation.

Free Injury Screens – All clinicians are happy to do Free Injury Screens or Consultations with walk-ins, call-ins or those seeking more information on how to properly manage other conditions.