How To Avoid Injuries While Hiking

During this unprecedented time our physical therapists have been getting out of the house and enjoying what nature has to offer around the Gulf Coast of Florida. Karrie, one of our physical therapists, out of our Crestview and Niceville locations loves hiking the Florida Trail

Karrie’s Hiking Route

She recently hiked 13.1 miles between the Crestview entrance on South 85 highway all the way to Mossy Head exit on highway 285. During her hike she realized she was constantly avoiding injuries like a sprain ankle, a twisted knee, and dehydration. She says, “Foot placement is key to avoid injuries.” 


To prevent ankle sprains and knee injuries ensure to stretch before you hike. This will help stretch out the muscles and ligaments in the legs and feet, which can help reduce the likelihood or severity of an ankle sprain or further injury. 

Karrie and her son on a 2 mile hike

Here’s her check list of tips on staying safe while you hike: 

-Be mindful of your walking. Make sure to always place your foot in a secure location.

-Be sure to always look more closer in front of you vs when you are running on asphalt 

-Supportive footwear can save your life – if you aren’t wearing proper shoes for the activity you are participating in, you have a much high chance of an injury

-Pack lots of water

-And always check for ticks when you complete your hike, even inside your clothes and hair 

Karrie goes one step further to stay safe during hikes. She says, “Never hike long distances alone, always have your cell phone on full charge when you start the hike, and share your location with someone not hiking.”  

If you have a concern about avoiding an injury or recovering from one, always reach out to one of our providers before participating in a physical activity.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have!