Hips For Life Part 2

Hips For Life Part 2 

We hosted our first Hips For Life virtual workshop with Ruth Jenkins, PT, Certified Orthopedic  Manual Therapist. She discussed how to keep your hips healthy and why that is important!

We have two exercises we suggest doing at home that will minimize your hip pain, strengthen your hips, and help you regain balance. Click the below image to watch how to complete both exercises.

Exercise #1 

1. Hold onto a counter

2. Lean forward and bring your right leg behind you

3. Start doing small movements while keeping your knees straight

4. While you are doing that be sure to make sure your other hip is nice and straight

Exercise #2

1. Stand on a small towel in your kitchen floor

2. Slide your foot out to the side and then back in and as fast as you can

3. Continue to keep the opposite leg you are standing on straight

4. Continue doing this exercise until you feel the burn