Hips For Life Part 1

Have Hip Pain?

We hosted our first Hips For Life virtual workshop with Ruth Jenkins, PT, Certified Orthopedic  Manual Therapist. She discussed how to keep your hips healthy and why that is important!

It’s crucial to keep your hips healthy since they are involved in most major movements. If you are experiencing pain it can stop you from participating in a lot of things such as walking, golf, tennis, running, and everyday chores, etc.

Many times when a patient comes in with back pain and knee pain it can be from the hip joint or vice versa. The hip is often under diagnosed and undertreated. Hip pain can occur anywhere from 13 years old and up to 100+ years old. Teen girls often have hip and knee pain related to their standing habits and for those of us over 20, we begin to wear on the cartilage and start to get degeneration of the hip joints. This would give groin pain. Did you know women have more hip issues than men? This is because women have a different shape of their pelvis vs. men and so men receive less wear on theirs.

Sometimes you have hip pain that is caused by pain in other areas of your body. For example, if you have a tight back, then your hips typically compensate for your back or vice versa.

True hip pain is felt in the groin.

Common causes of hip pain is Osteoarthritis: 

  • Morning stiffness greater than 60 minutes.
  • Cannot bring the knee to the chest (115 degrees).
  • Difficulty putting on shoes/ socks.

In some cases some patients have what we like to call Lateral Hip Pain (LHP):

  • Pain is local to the outside of the hip.
  • May radiate to the outside of the thigh and to just below the knee.
  • Pain may radiate to the groin or into the buttock.

Usually, someone would get hip pain with a sudden increase of activity or daily activity, a slip or fall, if they are perimenopausal, and gradual tendon change ( LHP ) due to muscle weakness and imbalance. If you have increased pain by laying at night, pain with walking, climbing stairs, standing on one leg (typically when you get dressed), pain with sitting in a low chair, or pain with sitting crossed legged all of these symptoms can be caused from hip pain.

Did you know only 7% of the population reach out for physical therapy treatment? The other 93% are rushing straight into surgery or reaching for medications. At FYZICAL Northwest Florida, we use all preventative measures to keep you healthy.

Our physical therapists’ goals are to help you achieve less pain, more flexibility, more strength, and more getting back to what you enjoy.

Hips are important because they are the link to us standing, walking, and moving. If you are experiencing hip pain and would like to see what FYZICAL of Northwest Florida can do for you please contact us. 

Find out on our next blog post what you can do at home to manage and minimize your hip pain!